Team 7460B first design


This is my first design for this year. Sorry I skipped out on some of the smaller parts and details but this is basically what I plan to build

it has the trap door on the back with the motor powering it being the same as the flywheel using ratchets.

Also what are you guys thinking when it comes to hoarding balls this year?

Ignore the number of wheels :smile:


Um… I think you should reduce the number of wheels on your flywheel. That’s a lot of unnecessary weight


:smile: ik i was just kind filling up space ill probably just have 2-4 on the actual robot


wow! look increble and amazing!

I liove this render design cad rendering invenotr cad.

TGOod job!

Can I get a close up on that rachet? No offense, but It looks a bit convoluted. Other than that(and the wheels), it looks pretty nice.

yeah here you go I haven’t put in axles, shaft collars or the custom cut up BS needed for the ratchets but I used 2 different ratchet designs. Sorry for the jankyness first design only started 2 days ago :smile:.



Your wallet should be quivering at the sight of that many wheels



also the wheels are kinda weird so basically i wanted the chamber the wheels sit in to be 5 holes apart and had to attach the 45 angle gusset weirdly using the middle hole and am going to have to use standoffs to keep the chassis sturdy also to make this work you’ll need to file down some of the c-channel. Ik there is probably a way better way to do this but i have a long time till the season starts so.

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You are definitely going to want to find a good way of supporting that. I know from experience that supporting that important with just 1 screw will not turn out well.


thank you. i’m thinking 2 stand offs in between the sections but if that doesn’t work ill just go back to a standard x-drive design and make things work out another way.


Are you competing in VEXU?
If not, I can see 9 motors, which is above the motor limit :frowning:
Other than the motor limit, the robot is very nice!

thats a vision sensor not a motor


im in high schools and its a vision sensor.


What made you go with the 2.75 inch omnis?


not sure its what i used last year after having a ton of over heating issues. I didn’t really have a huge problem with it last year though i am considering going back because of speed and versatility reasons.

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2.75 x will be slightly slower than a direct drive 4" h drive and will also have much less torque. Highly recommend against it. No benefits at that point- ur slower and dont have pushing power.

Won’t it be twice as slow? Because X drive is geared 0.7 compared to inline?

where did you get that idea

edit: .7 ~= 1/sqrt 2
that’s where

no, other way around.
and geared is definitely not the right word there, considering it concerns no gears

200 RPM * 3.141 * 4" = 2513 in/m = 3.5 ft/s

200 RPM * 1.414 * 2.75" = 2444 in/m = 3.4 ft/s

3.4 ft/s is not even close to half of 3.5 ft/s.


In my opinion, using geared makes a lot more sense than anything else.