Team 7504E Innovate Award Entry

This is team 7504E’s video for the Innovate Award. See you at worlds!!
Innovate Video

That Bucky ball intaking is very impressive, never thought it was possible with a mecanum wheel!

It also picks up the large balls as well. Just as easy, you can see it at the beginning of the hanging section.

Yes but without a wall?

It can with our latest modification. I will post a picture soon of that.

A unique intake never seen before… using mecanum wheels! :cool:

I like your intake alot do you have anti slip mat on it or just the mecanum wheel
Also what division are you in?

Our intake in the Mecanum wheel wrapped in non-slip. We will be in the middle school division at Worlds.

Were in middle school to. See ya there.

The Reveal video will be out soon!

Interesting Collector I would not have thought of that. See ya a worlds