Team 7581H Pre-Worlds 2014 Reveal

Announcing the team 7581H Worlds Robot, “Kitt!”

-6x 393 High-Speed (1:1.6) internal gear ratio.
-All 4 omni wheels are direct-driven, with the additional 2 motors chained to both wheels. All 6 motors are chained together.
-High-strength metal gear inserts in the wheels reduce slop and maximize acceleration.

-2x 393 High Torque 5:1 6-bar.
-All aluminum c-channels.
-Limit Switch decreases motor value when the lift is holding itself at max height to avoid tripping breakers
-40+ rubber bands increase lift speed and hold it at intermediate heights without motor power

-2x 393 High-Speed (internal 1:1.6) pseudo-magic intake
-Rollers flip in from the sides
-“Ruiqroller” large ball intake for increased grip and fast intaking/outtaking

-2 piston elevated front catapult
-Can launch large balls while holding 3 buckies, an ability that is unique to front catapults
-2 tanks provide 8 to 10 full-field shots per match

The robot weighs a total of 16.5 pounds and can play aggressive defense on lighter robots.

Any feedback or comments are appreciated! Check back in coming days as we will be posting more details on our autonomous programs as well as links to videos of the previous iteration’s matches at the State Championship. See you all in Anaheim!

I wonder if you could get a bit more power out of that launcher? Doesn’t seem very efficient in the video. But I still really love the way you went about the robot. I really love the dongle and how it can be used like that for by buckies and big balls. How’s the autonomous?

When we filmed the video, we didn’t have very much practice using the catapult and we have since found some techniques for getting the ball behind thos 2 long screws more easily, which makes it a lot more consistent.

We have currently 8 autonomous programs (2 per tile), several of which we’re going to upload to youtube and post tomorrow. We’re also working on some additional modes designed around coordinating with our partners to get an early stash lead in auton.

Your robot’s wiring makes me feel a lot better about our wiring :stuck_out_tongue: Regardless, the robot looks very strong. I particularly like your dongle mechanism. Can’t wait to see the autonomous!

Our wiring used to be clean! Then we added a lot of sensors and it became a mess again.

This is our main middle zone autonomous, it reliably scores 20 points, allowing potential alliance partners to trade points for positioning in auton. It also has the MSU Fight Song to recognize our main supporter.

Our hanging zone autons score between 7 and 13 points and position us for early-driver stashing. There are several other modes that we won’t reveal here. Come by our pit and talk to us about them if you’re curious.