Team 7581H Website

We’ve now got our website up-to-date, and we’d like to see what the rest of the VRC community thinks of it.

Please post any comments, questions, and constructive criticisms about the website and its content!

Looks really nice, good job!

One thing I noticed was on the homepage, it said “We are currently participating in the 2011-2012 VEX Robotics season, our second year competing.” That needs to be updated :D. But otherwise, its really awesome. Have you considered putting on a videos page?

Ah, thanks for catching that!

We have our videos on the Season Overview pages. Do you think people would rather see a separate videos page?

very nice, keep up the good work:)

i like that Robot Hall of Fame :slight_smile:

Nice website! Very clean and simple, I like it.

I love your logo! So cool! :smiley:

I would suggest possibly putting a bit more content on your homepage. It might just be my personal preference, but I think having a fair amount (not too much of course) on your homepage is beneficial. Just a few of the important bits that people will want to see, that way they don’t need to go into another page to see it.

On our Free Range Robotics website, I have just small amounts of the latest few things of each section, I think that works well. I focus mainly on having the latest 5 (or so) news articles, but you will see that there are a couple of “bubble boxes” (as I refer to them as) which have the latest few things of certain sections (such as the latest 3 entries in the latest tips and tricks section, etc.).

That’s just my thoughts, but hopefully they are useful. Overall, a nice website! :slight_smile:


EDIT: I just noticed that the latest 3 entries on the FRR website for the tips and tricks and news articles aren’t in bubble boxes, but still very similar. Just a small little area with a list of a few links.

Thank you!

I haven’t found a way to put bubble boxes on our homepage, but I did add a slideshow of photos. The Team News page could act as an “important bits” page.

Yeah, we’re proud of that part. Any suggestions to make it better?

One thing I’m wondering is: for the website online challenge the wensite has to be for a whole club and not just individual teams. Doesn’t your school have a 7581V?

Other than that looks great.

If we decide to enter the online challenge (which was not something we were originally planning), we’ll adapt it into the full Haslett Robotics Club website to include 7581H, 7581V, and our multiple FIRST Lego League teams. We haven’t added 7581V yet because all they’ve done so far is choose a team name and build a protobot with a claw on it.

I like it, and I’m pretty sure your description of “Jim the Protobot” is one of the funniest things I’ve seen robot-related in quite a while; “We never did take any pictures of Jim…”

Only thing I’d recommend is maybe cutting back on the red background, or better yet give it some type of design (kind of like the opaque striping you have going on at the top of the page, I like that a lot). Other than that it looks great.

Anyone find it ironic that the guy that doesn’t want his videos released in another thread wants people to show there videos here.

Not particularly.

No, not really. Our videos are already up, and they’re all from Gateway, so they don’t reveal anything. I believe he was suggesting that I organize our vids onto their own page of our site.

We haven’t taken any videos of our Sack Attack robot. :smiley: