Team 7706 Building Update Thread

We have had our chassis finished and went through a couple of failed designs so far. We are now set in stone about this new design I made (A dumpbot) You can view the teaser for this robot on youtube at

If you have any suggestions please notify me through email or as a comment on this thread. Thanks


Quite the video! Interesting concept.

You may want to support the gears running your drive a bit more…

How would you suggest we support them?

We can’t fit anymore standoffs.

at 0:13 Can’t you just have the axles go into the other C channel so that they aren’t cantilevered? I can’t see everything there perhaps…

The axle on the middle gear would hit the wheel.

Place a piece of a 12x1 bar in there to support the axel, supported by small standoffs.

Nice borgification you have going on there, Tomas

Tomas the doorman strikes again! :cool:

P.S. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

how many sacks are you able to hold at one time and still dump them in the trough

We just finished the lift, bucket, and tray last Friday. We can hold about 12-15 sacks in the bucket. From my calculations that should be easy to dump. We can hold 3-4 sacks in the tray, which dumps into the bucket.

…is that a 1:35 gear ratio on the bucket? :eek:

Why yes. Yes it is.

I might change the gearing to 1:25 so it can be a bit faster. I mainly geared it that way to lift a TON of sacks.

Given the size of your bucket you should be able to get it much faster haha. We have about as long of an arm on our bot with 4 393s and we can lift 8-9 sacks at 1:5, assuming that we could use 2 393s at 1:10 you ought to be able to do 1:25 easily and lift maybe 20 sacks? rough guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. That sounds much more rational. I just didn’t want to burnout the motors.

I suppose your robot is somewhat simmilar to ours, just with ours we use elastic bands to dump, rather than motors.

How do you use elastic bands?

that is a good amount of sacks how fast can you pick them up

We are almost building, but are now on break so we will test out everything next meeting.

Will post videos and pictures of finished robot and testing tomorrow (robotics club meeting)

When will the media be posted? I’m looking forward to seeing one of our future opponents robot!