Team 80110H reveal "sporkinator"

Heres our robot! We only have 4 game pieces (3 stars 1 cube) so no video, but there will be once we go to our second competition on Saturday! this is our claw deploying mech, and this is our claw actuating. specs: 6 motor drive, 4 motor lift, two piston claw. I haven’t weighed it yet, but we designed it to be as light as possible. Enjoy!

That looks pretty great! Nice.
That deploy is really good too


Looks good!

Seems super cool, good luck!

Wow, that looks like a major improvement from the last tournament! Are you still coming to Kent for a scrimmage on Thursday?


great looking robot! have you had any problems with the standoffs at the front digging into the field tiles?

Nope! I added mechanical stops to the lift so it can’t lower too far, and it makes the standoffs hover over the field by a few mm

Do you have footage of the robot at the competition?

I’m worried that you have a stanchion held by a strip that is connected to stanchions… even if that was a C-channel it would probably sag quite a bit, but the strip will bend like crazy.

Hey I got a question that’s been really bugging me. I have a robot with a really big claw like yours. I’m worried that it won’t have space in the field to really navigate well. What are your thoughts? Have you had any trouble with it in competition so far?

Hi, fellow person with a big claw. You have to be a little creative with your driving. Sometimes it’s good to lift up your claw to bring it over things and the likes. Also, I’d recommend having a strong drive because a big claw means you’ll end up pushing stuff around when you turn. You will navigate pretty well. I don’t see any clear solution to this issue other than some weird claw setups that I have stirring around in my mind.

Thanks man. Really appreciate it. I haven’t taken my robot to any competitions yet so kinda nervous. Also I have a competition in 1 week and then a 2 week turnaround to try and qual for worlds. :expressionless: It’s kinda rough. So yeah, thanks for all the help!

I’m not sure if I missed it, but how bout that video?

Oh yah! I’ll post that soon!