Team 813a Design Collection

Here’s a little collection of all of Kaiser High School’s robots so far for starstruck. We’re building another one (most likely the final version) at the moment and we’ll share that one when we’re done and ready. Enjoy!

First Robot. First try at high hanging.

Second Robot. One of the earliest high hanging robots on YouTube I think.

Third Robot. Improved the hanging dumper design.

Fourth Robot. Moved to a claw design.

On the fourth one, does the claw lock it on place? That’s really cool. :slight_smile:

Yeah! We noticed some other team using the lock and decided to borrow the idea.

I am very curious, is the gear ratio on your lift a 1:5 torque with three motors? I am referring to the 4th design video.

I really like the way you lock your lift by folding the claw back.

It’s three motors on each side. So the arm is a 6 motor lift in a 5:1 gear ratio.