Team 813a Mk.5 Reveal

The reveal of our final robot design. This is a claw dumper hybrid and uses pneumatic pistons to close the claws. The single piston transmission connects the arm with the wheels, effectively making the arm powered by 10 motors.

Unfortunately, we won’t be participating in world’s as we didn’t perform very well at the states competition and lost bigly. There were inexplicable problems with the robot which put us low in the rankings. Here’s one of our bad matches. You can see that at around 1:20, the robot stops responding and continues to wiggle back and forth for the rest of the match.

If you want to see how we came to this design here’s our previous post.

That transmission is sick!

Thanks Ken Bone!

why did you speed up the video of your auto? if your going to make a reveal video, make it accurate and dont try to trick us into thinking your robot its faster than it really is, nice transmission though, but i dont think that hands are vex legal :slight_smile:

Sick Robot! Can I see a picture of your arms gears?

Are you going to nationals? If so, please pm me.