Team 8192

We’re team 8192 from Shanghai China.Looking forward to seeing u at worlds.Here’s a video of our robot :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Why u spam?

How is this spam? You have to copy the link at the bottom of their post to see the video. It’s a very interesting scissor lift forward dumping claw :slight_smile:

When they originally posted the thread, there were like 6 other threads made by them for the same purpose

it was probably just a bad internet connection

Oh I see.

Very interesting to see scissor lifts this year, this he does pretty good too, especially the build quality of the lift. Good job on the bot.

But can it hang? Or farzone? Otherwise great bot i love it

Oh that is nice, we were thinking about doing a scissor back in April (throwback to skyrise) but decided against it. Cool to see someone else doing it and it’s always awesome to see a unique design!

Beautiful robot, but potato video :L