Team 824C VEX Worlds Reveal

Team 824C is proud to present our robot for the 2016-2017 VEX season

Awesome capacity & I like the forward catapult

I guess we’ll just have to see then :smiley:

With all the similar robots this year, I really feel that all the little things we added in build quality will set us apart in this robot. :wink: we didn’t get much footage of the robot in action because of time constraints so this isn’t the greatest representation of what this robot is capable of.
Some other cool features:
-A decent color scheme (our wheels will be white we just have to finish coloring them lmao)
-Unique 1.8:1 drive that we tuned for very low friction and powered by slew rate
-Offset fourbar with special joints for very low friction
-Very large claw (Larger than the normal 35 hole) with poly carbonate tillable fork
-Countless mechanical and polycarbonate features that help us push through stars and collect fast.
Ultimately, we decided pneumatics was faster ergo the better way to go. We tried to perfect them in every way possible to be consistent as much as possible, because as everyone knows, consistency will win this year.
With batteries, the robot is around 17 pounds so it’s a little on the heavier side. ( hence why we have a 1.8:1 drive )
The most accurate representation of how the robot looks right now is at around 16 seconds