Team 83: Worlds Robot Reveal

We are proud to present our Toss Up Robot, “Edward Scissor Lift”

Robot Specs/Stats:
-4 Motor 6 Wheel Drive Train Geared at 5:7
-4 Motor 3 Tier Scissor Lift Geared at 7:1
-2 Motor Ruiqi Rollers
-Low Hang Capability
-Highest Robot Skills: 60 (Unofficial)
-Highest Programming Skills: 49 (Unofficial)

Robot Reveal Video:

We are in the Opportunity Division!!

Come By Our Pit At Worlds!!

Nice scissor lift

Thank You!

Very Cool Looking Transmission…

Are you going to try to actually Build It???

First, welcome to the forums.

This is a reveal from a year ago, not many teams have qualified for worlds yet, so we haven’t had many reveals this year.

Yes, I believe that is the robot they built and brought to worlds last year.

Correct, this bot is the bot that we brought last year to Worlds.

I rewatched the video and I don’t actually see a transmission?

I think that he is talking about the drive of the scissor lift.