Team 8900 Hybrid Reveal

4 motor drive
2 motor sprocket and chain intake
1 motor ball feeder/lift engager
5 motor overclocked bat
50 pt high lift

Wow very nice design! All other catapults I have seen make slow shots compared to other launchers. I like your intake as well as your lift. I would love to see a video of you lift in action!

Thank you for sharing!

That’s a cool robot! I’m interested to see your lift working as well!

Wow, that awesome.
Is it just a direct driven catapult, or is there a pullback and release mechanism in there?
Can you please show a bit more from the lift, I’d like to see it in action.
Do you have any match videos?
Congratulations on winning your last 2 competitions. Was that with the same robot? Or is this a recent rebuild?

Wow, clever dual use of that last motor to lift! I was wondering if you had a video of the lift mech in action? Thanks!

It is a direct driven catapult. I will try and find our match videos soon and film a video of our lift. It’s difficult because we have to re-set up the lift (since we go to boarding school and it was shipped here). This is the most recent robot. We won our first competition with our first design and our last competition with this new design.

Did you have any successful lifts on competition?
How many driver control loads do you normally get in from the starting tile?
What’s the hitter made out of? It looks black in the video.

We built the lift over break and have not brought it to competition. We have, however, tested it with dumbbells and it works. We have a 90-100% accuracy from the starting tile. The hitter is a C-Channel with a linear slider, wrapped in electric tape.

What elastic tape did you use to keep it legal? Because unless I’m mistaken, tape isn’t legal as a functional part.

It is non-functional decoration and is not a “functional part.” We will ask to see if it’s okay

Woah woah woah hold on. Everyone’s talking about the robot (makes sense bcs it a reveal) but can we take a moment and appreciate those editing skills. This has to be one of the best reveals I’ve seen in terms of video quality. That beat to video sync is epic. Those seamless transitions… that camera quality… That typography… its beautiful

Yes, one of our team members, Andrew Lin does professional-level filmmaking and motion graphics. He’s really glad you enjoyed the video!!! :slight_smile:

@Jocelyn Shen (8900) Lauchu would approve. :slight_smile:


how is the lift achieved? I assumed that you guys used the 5 motors on the overclocked “bat”? How do you transfer the power to the lift?

Well you don’t know me super well, but think who else would use a user name like me who does robotics. And talk to your brother. :slight_smile:

are u guys from philips andover?

We’re actually a lot closer to you.

This thread is really getting off topic.
I’m wondering about how effective the intake is though.
We had a similar one at our first competition, but half of the time, it would just knock the balls away because of the flaps. Our new 6:1 ratio elastic intake works amazingly, and if you’re having the same problems, I would recommend swapping over to that. It also allows for intaking from an entire side, rather than just a small opening.

Agreed. Sorry about that. Our intake is a little tricky. Thank you for the suggestion!