Team 9181c Seahawks Video Reveal

Team 9181c’s reveal video has been released!

Our team had endured multiple re-designs before we decided on a basic Clawbot design. Simple yet effective it picks up Skyrise and cubes. It also has an effective autonomous.

1st of all… whoa.:eek:
That robot looks really competitive, if just for the speed and autonomous.

2nd. How did you get the skyrise autonomous to be so reliable? We have problems with motor voltage throwing our skyrise autonomous just a little bit off and so we missed the skyrise.

Thank you!

Really nice robot! We have had pretty much the same exact design for a few month now, so I can confirm it is super effective for a single cube capacity robot. But there is one very large difference between our robot and yours: autonomous. How did you make it so consistent when picking up the skyrises in autonomous? What sensors are you using?

Here’s a video of our robot from our first competition back in November.

The Autonomous took around 20-25 hours to create. Its still also a work in progress. It took so long because of each small adjustment to make it as consistent as possible. If you watch closely small adjustments like the deployment were made to save time.

Also I’ve implemented safety measures to make sure the arm always goes to the right position each time. Its similar to the sample code Vex gives you for gyroscope best turns. Overall the whole autonomous with fully documented and commented code along with loops and safety procedures is around 1000 lines of code just for autonomous.

Some sensors we used:

  • Shaft Encoder
  • Ultra Sonic
  • Potentiometer
  • Button
  • Gyroscope

Well it sure looks like all that hard work payed off! After our competition this coming week I plan on redoing all of our code to implement encoders. There are currently many inconsistencies as we are using just timings for driving. We were using a potentiometer for arm heights, and an ultrasonic to line it up with the skyrise, but after lots of failure I just decided to make a 7 point post side autonomous. It is much more simple so much more consistent.

Anyway very nice robot and amazing autonomous!

Timed autonomous is very, VERY inconsistent. If you truly want an accurate autonomous you must use sensors. We use a potentiometer for the arm. A Shaft Encoder for the claw (We tried using a potentiometer but ours broke). A gyroscope for turning. Button to make sure there isn’t any tipping. Ultrasonic to know how far to backup.

Glad to see others with a similar robot design!

Best Regards