Team 9421X 2016 Worlds Reveal

We are in the Arts Division

Robot Specs:
1 BPS Linear Puncher
4 BPS Single Flywheel
2-Stage Turbo Intake
High Speed Drive

If you have any questions me or @Flyer162 would love to answer. Can’t wait for an intense week at worlds!

Those rubber bands at the back look really cool lol. They look like they expand beyond 18’ when the balls go through though, this would be illegal. Good luck at worlds!

We were worried about this so we made our robot short enough that even with a ball fully expanding the bands, we stay within 18", thanks for letting us clear that up.

Gotcha, great job on the robot!


Thank you!

Awesome job guys! I love the rubber band thing at the back. Do you know if triple threat is doing a reveal?

Thanks! Triple Threat wanted to but last I heard they wanted to put all of their time into perfecting their bot.

Ok. I hope you guys do well! Thats a great turnaround from when i saw your bot last. Ours is basically the same but a lot slower and no linear puncher.

Yeah we did a complete overhaul for obvious reasons. Intake-less robots aren’t exactly ideal lol. Can’t wait to see the Walshbots new robots at Worlds

walshbotzrcoming :slight_smile:

Nice robot, and another unique use of rubber bands this season.

Great job guys! We’re rooting for you.

Is that the new name for the bot?

shhh :wink:

Cant wait to see what you guys bring out to KY

Thanks! Stinks that you guys couldn’t make it but we will make sure to represent Southern NE well!


That is a very creative intake. Looks like it works well, too!
When is 9421 Triple Threat going to reveal? I’ve heard some things about them…

I think they are focusing on perfecting their robot instead of a video.