Team 9421X Pre-Regionals Teaser

I don’t think we are going to get around to a full reveal before regionals but here is a short video of our robot in action:
We will be competing at the Southern New England Regionals on March 14&15.


I’d love to take a look, but Instagram is blocked at my school. Could put the images in google drive or directly onto the forum?

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Sure! I wasn’t the one who took the video which is why I didn’t originally.

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Damn thats scary!!!
Taran, its a very impressive video of a robot with 200 rpm intakes intaking 13 cubes and stacking them with ease.

A couple questions, if youre okay with that:
how many motors on the tilter and/or what ratio?
are you using hardmounted intakes? if not, hinges?
18t sprockets, right?

Overall, incredibly impressive, so good job!

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If your school blocks yt, this might work

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Thanks for the effort, but not really any better. That’s why I recommended google drive.

1 motor tilter 1:25. It might be overkill but it isn’t that slow at it does 12-13 all day.
Hinged intakes. They spread open when the stack is placed so we don’t have to run them backwards.
24T sprockets actually.

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Hopefully this works.


Dang. Well done! I really hope you guys do a reveal, but I understand the stress. Very legit bot. I would be honoured to be crushed by you guys in a match.

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Did I see 13 cubes in that boi? Well done!

100rpm tilter?

And damnn with hinged intakes? i can barely get 10 with hinged intakes 24t…

wow how are your intakes that strong? very impressive, how far apart are your intakes may I inquire.

did you do anything to reduce friction in your tray?

Yes 100rpm. I will say that we do not have an arm. We cannot do towers. This means our intakes can be mounted very solidly allowing us to easily have enough compression.

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Ah, that makes sense. Still, thats very impressive, nice work!

I’m not with the robot right now so I can’t give a measurement but I think they stick out over the tray about .5-.75" maybe? We haven’t really focused on removing friction in our tray all that much but the cubes go up pretty smoothly. Idk maybe we just got lucky but it didn’t seem necessary.

.5-.75 on both sides? or in total?

I’ve never seen 24t intakes able to push 13 cubes up with so much ease. what is your tray angle? it looks fairly steep actually

Also here is an old video of one of our skills runs. We have improved it quite a bit:


On each I think? I can check later today. We have spent most of our time tuning the intakes because we wanted a big stack with no compromises on speed.


Solid robot! Good luck @ provincials!!