Team 9674 Final Match of Eastern-China qualifying event

Hello everyone!
After 4 months of building and testing, we finally finished our robot and competed in the Eastern-China Qualifying Match.
Here’s the video of final Match of Eastern-China qualifying event.

Capable of scoring at least 180 points (180 points+50 points high elevate=230 points)

Team 9674(Red alliance)

alliance robot intake malfunction, 1V2 win

Red:230 points

Hope to see you in worlds this year!:smiley:

2015-2016 Chinese VRC Qualifying Event middle school champion
2015-2016 Eastern China Qualifying Event both division(s and t) champion
2015-2016 Eastern China Qualifying Event ranking 8-0-0

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Those are some pretty neat elevation mechs! They remind me of the mechanisms that lift the hitch on semi tractors. Will any videos explaining those be released?

Great all around game play! Congrats!

The red alliance went out in the field before shooting the driver loads! I was hoping that I will be able to see that strategy in an actual match :slight_smile: It seems like that strategy will work great, and would probably become the standard by worlds.

Amazing ramp! At this point, I am convinced ramps are the way to go for elevation. Quick and efficient.

Maybe we should go for Asia Vex after all :stuck_out_tongue:

I am still thinking about it. I’m just too lazy:D

But the partner’s robot has to have straight wheels… If they have X-drive:(

Want to be alliance with us in Asia-Pacific? Also can you leave your e-mail address? Maybe we can talk about it :smiley:

I have PM you.

Nice robots guys but you should really get a better camera. Haven’t seen video at such low resolution for ages!

Can you PM me with an Email Address:D … i think i kinda mess up with the Vexforum messaging system:confused: