Team 9674 Shooting test video

Hello, everyone.

As requested we are releasing the video of shooting preloads.
Here is the link:

This is the video recorded when we were testing, but it didnt work that well in competition, we discovered that because of the two wheels design, the balls tends to go to the left and right and miss the high goal instead of going straight, any teams have any suggestions on it? Helps are appreciated. :smiley:

The only thing I would try is I don’t know how the balls are being fed into the shooter but if they could be fed in straighter it might work slightly better. Other than that all you can do is slow the feeding but that’s not that good for scoring. :smiley: nice Job nonetheless

So accurate AND fast. Well done. Good luck this season.

Wow, really nice firing rate. In terms of your balls going off to the side, check for excess friction on your flywheel. You may consider using a software velocity controller. Otherwise you could slightly slow down one of your flywheel sides to at least stop the weird ball directory (although you should really find the root of the issue :p)

Well the speed is software controlled, you can hear the sound in the video, and its not like always go to the left or right, its like when i shoot 10 balls, 6 go straight, 2 go left 2 goo right:confused:

We experienced similar problems in our flywheel design. We determined it was based on how the ball entered. And also that, our two halves of launcher were not built exactly the same, so every so often, one side took milliseconds longer to speed back up skewing the ball.

We have a single wheel flywheel and have experienced this as well. For our design at least, we have a large amount of backspin so if one side of the ball is significantly heavier than the other, left-right inaccuracy can be the result.