Team 9920 - Pre-Florida State Championship Reveal

Sorry the picture isn’t facing the right way.


• 4 motor 393 direct drive (high speed)
• 1 motor 393 torque sideways wheel
• Very fast (3.21 feet/second)
• Never stalls out
• Can push up to 8 cubes at a time

• 2 motor 393 torque lift (geared 1:7)
• Rubber band assisted lift

• 1 motor 393 torque claw (rubber band to help grip cubes)
• 1 motor 393 high torque tilter (geared 1:15)

Wheelie Bar:
• Prevents robot from falling when lifting cube

• Scores cubes on all but high post
• Builds 5 section Skyrise
• Scores 6 cubes on a Skyrise
• Quickly descores top cube on posts
• Defense and blocking when applicable
• First 4 Skyrise section in ≤ 30 seconds

• Consistent 8 point Skyrise side
• Consistent 4 point post side
• 16 point programming skills

We are team 9920 Sailor Robotics, a team of 2 from Sarasota High school. Unfortunately we did not have time to put together a reveal video, as there are only 2 of us and we had to prioritize. We have, however, decided to give everyone a short overview of the robot we are taking to states on Saturday. Attached are pictures of our robot, and a few videos from our Youtube. We included one of our 15 second autonomous, one of an old match (the match is from our very first competition back in november, so the robot and driving ability have greatly improved in the time since then) and one of us just having fun. Our driver has many hours of driver practice, and is ready for nearly any situation. Our official robot skills score of 36 is currently 3rd place in the state, and we have recently practiced higher scores than that. - Scouting information. Does not include data from recent 1v1 competition where we won the tournament, driver skills, programming skills, design award, and excellence. - This match really isnt an accurate representation of our robot because its from so long ago, and we had little to no driver practice before this day. At our most recent competition which was 1v1, we scored 53 points on our own in several matches, and this was with a bad autonomous that sort of blocked us from scoring. We now score 5 skyrises and 6 cubes every match with time to spare.

Feel free to leave feedback. See you Florida teams Saturday!
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Geez, I can tell you guys must have some serious driver practice under your belt. Can’t wait to see you guys at states!! Look for a guy in a piratech cape blasting the saxophone.

You’re the saxaphone guy? I remember you from last year. See you tomorrow. Good luck!

Looking forward to seeing you guys at states! Your bot’s looking pretty good!

Thank you! I might post more videos of it either running a practice driver skill round, or filling some posts to demonstrate how much driving has improved and how fast the robot is. If not then you’ll just have to see it in person

Yep, he’s our saxophone guy
See you at States! Looking forward to it.