Team 99402C | Hurricane Robotics - Katrina Version 2 Reveal


Team 99402C is proud to announce their Version 2 reveal:

Statistics at states:
  • Undefeated
  • Tournament Champion
  • Skills Champion


I wish I could watch the video but I’m on my school laptop and it’s restricted but based off the gold wheels it’s already a god bot. All I need to see.


Wats the 6-bar for?


It is a descoring mechanism for the caps :slight_smile: It is also used in tandem to flip low flags as well, as what I see.


This team was AR State Tournament Champions and Skills Champs with a score of 39


6 bar is a bit overkill? Why not the basic arm?


I would imagine they can descore high caps. :wink:


Thats true, but there’s barely any bots that can score High caps.




I’m one of them


Me as well!


Why do you think a small 6 bar for a robot to reach the high poles is overkill? So many robots that has a two bar that reaches the high poles have two bars that are excessively long and bulky, if anything I think a 6 bar like that should be good.


Agreed. 574C’s early season descorer seemed like it would kinda get in the way. :laughing:


That’s true, but single sided linkage lifts can be pretty flimsy, and I think it would cause more problems than it’s worth for two caps that will hardly ever be scored.


I had a chain bar for a long time that could do the same. But I removed it after I saw not a single highest cap scored. (I had a different, more efficient apparatus for low high caps.)


There was a team I was working with at provincials that built a descorer before the tournament, but they only got to use it once.