Team accessories

So our team got a team uniform, and that’s it. What accessories do your team have? (Things like posters for tournament pits, team jackets, stickers, and such)

Banners for the club that you bring event to event to hang in pit area. Be sure make it too big, sometimes all you have is a small folding table for your team.

We’ve done mainly club shirts and sweatshirts suitable for all year.

That’s about it - at Worlds we hand out different things, pins, frisbees, and most recently cowbells (you can thank us later!)


Stickers, badges/buttons, business cards, hats, LEDs, trophy stand, banners, custom built robot case with hundreds of stickers of other teams, DRow for GDC sticker.


everyone in our organization has matching dickies jackets with a design made by one of my friends embroidered on the back. They work as school uniform too. :slight_smile:


We have T-Shirts for Vex. One year we bought matching headbands.

For FRC we also have buttons, banners, stickers, and stuff.


MANY MANY tic tac boxes because our team name is tic tac


I love tictacs if you cant tell by my name either give me them or be smited by DRow

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We have shirts sweatshirts, banners, and water bottles

Many teams also have business cards, and other items, pretty much any thing you can think of, it can also include water bottles.

Our organization have uniforms for both travel (any clubs and event) and for VEX

A lot of teams also cut custom polycarbonates with our license ID on there
Otherwise they just display their awards for flex

Our team might just hand out papers that tell about our robot, I could persuade them to hand out pictures of butter… hence the name butternubs.

A bunch of stickers and maybe some shirts would work

i am trying to 3d print out our logo the firebreathingmarshmallow to maybe give out but our teck teacher who is not affiliated with our club will probably say no