Team Alliance


How are team alliances selected for the teamwork matches? Is there a formula by rankings or is it by random selection luck of the draw?


Theres an alliance selection where the first seeded team requests the assistance of another team. That other team can deny the request, meaning they cannot be picked anymore but they CAN pick another team. This process continues with the next highest seed until there are enough alliances.
Most teams (the good ones at any rate) will already know what teams they plan to pick based on scouting that happens before the selection time. They try to find successful teams that match their robot (ie cap robot with shooter, etc).


While this is the correct procedure for EDR alliance selections, I believe @Nickyg529 was referring to the IQ alliance selection. The IQ game manual for this year states:

• At the conclusion of Qualification Matches, the top Teams will advance to Finals Matches.
• The number of Finals Matches will be determined by the event organizers.
• The first and second ranked Teams form an Alliance, third and fourth ranked Teams form
another Alliance (and so on) for the Finals Matches.


Yes, the question is for the VEX IQ game. I would like to know how are teams selected for team alliance qualification matches?


As I said in my previous post


Thank you for the information on how teams are aligned for the final matches, but how are the alliance determined for teamwork qualifying matches? Prior to the finals


The teamwork qualifying match partners are randomly paired using the tournament manager software.


Thank you for your time and clarification


I found this post would you know if this is correct for VEx IQ scoring

It’s pretty confusing, but my understanding in how it works is that for the first 3 matches, the average is shown. So, if a team scores 50, 75, 100, then TM will show 50, then 62.5 = (50 + 75)/2), then 75 = ((50 + 75 + 100)/3). Then on the 4th it drops the lowest score of the 4 but still divides by 4 instead of 3. So, if you scored 100 again you would think your average would go up, but it goes down because it is now 68.75 = ((75 + 100 + 100) / 4). And from the 4th through the 7th it drops the lowest score, but still divides by the number of matches run. Then, on the 8th match, it drops the lowest two scores but still divides by the number of matches run.