Team Analyzer (for scouting)

A while back I made something that let’s you see a summary of a team’s performance over the season. It basically summarizes competition data from Robot Events (through Nathan Allen’s VexDB API). I thought it might be useful for teams going to Worlds.

Web version:
Android version:

Here are screenshots from the web version and Android version:

There are some differences between each version, but they’re essentially the same (also, both require an internet connection). For both versions, just be careful with the stats and remember that a lot of information is lost when data is summarized. For example, two teams could be equally high performers today, but if one team did badly early on in the season, that team would have worse stats. I definitely wouldn’t substitute this for actual scouting at the competition, but I hope it will be a helpful supplement to scouting (perhaps it would be useful to narrow down which teams you will more closely scout at Worlds).

Hope this helps and good luck at Worlds!

Wow! Thanks for this tool as I predict it will be very useful for some scouting purposes for our team.

I love it! Nice UI.

Very useful! Thank you for sharing this with us.

I will definitely be using this at worlds! Thanks!