Team building?


I was wondering if any other teams do team building because our coach is making us do it. Also, if you do, does it help?
Do you guys ever do things such as setting goals about leadership and teamwork midseason?

I don’t. We are already good friends. Team building this late in the season is a lost cause.

I’m not understanding? If you’re trying to ask if Team’s from the same organizations help eachother, of course. We always help each other with building, programming, etc. I’m not understanding why you’re so confused that your mentor is asking you to help someone. If that’s not the case and you’re asking if people on your team should work together to build, it’s the same reasoning. The goal of a team is to work together.

Team building is basically a bunch of exercises that are meant to strengthen teamwork and dependability.

The best thing you can do to keep your team unified is make certain you make certain you sit down and talk about what needs to happen at crux points and make unified decisions together.

Also, make sure you are good friends in the first place! If you don’t know/hate each other then you will 100% fail.

Definitely. But that doesn’t mean you should necessarily just invite them because they are friends, I had a friend I invited last year that ended up just sitting around, “working” on the stem project and/or ripping apart our backup bots.


I’m friends with my team members, even though I didn’t know them that much at first. We never did team building.
IMO, if you’re a good leader that can instill good policies with your team, you probably don’t need to do team building.

I don’t do them because when I was a student I would have quit if my coach made me play some dumb game where we held hands and had to keep a balloon in the air, or tell the room something you wouldn’t know about me by looking.

No singing?
How did you guys screw THAT up?

Mine have to deal with “driving practice” at the karting complex, or the “team meetings” at a decent restaurant.

aww i wanna go out to eat with my team :c. We only did that last year, when we qualified for worlds

PizzaCoder I like urs too xD

Can’t handle that much pizza and they get bored with it. Sometimes you have to just left off steam and while the $5.99 deal is nice at Domino’s, just sitting down and talking about other things does more for my group than anything else.

So besides teambuilding to get to know each other, do you ever do meetings mid to end season about setting goals pertaining to personal learning teamwork and leadership and mentoring.

Our only concern is the competition and the robot. We don’t worry too much about each others’ personal lives unless they need extra support or something… especially if it affects their performance on the team. That might just be me and my school, though.

I don’t know what I’d do if we weren’t allowed to have Frozen and Moana sing-a-longs while building…

You’d be a good teammate and a good friend :wink:

Our team bonding ends up being us roasting each other and getting stuff off our chests. Works out pretty well quite honestly.