Team changes after state qualified

Currently my school has a couple of state qualified teams, one team is a clawbot, I’m on one of the teams that didn’t qualify, would it be legal for my coach to put Me on their team for state and the us open? I have been on the drive team for my team but the other team had a drive team member leave after they qualified so by the G6 clause would I be able to join? Thx

Both of those are championship events, so it should be fine.
G6 also states:

When a Team qualifies for a Championship event (e.g., States, Nationals, Worlds, etc.) the Students on the Team attending the Championship event are expected to be the Students on the Team that was awarded the spot. Students can be added as support to the Team but should not be added as Drive- Team Members or programmers for the Team.
An exception is allowed if one (1) Student on the drive team or a programmer on the Team cannot attend the event. The Team can make a single substitution of a Drive Team Member or programmer for the Championship event with another Student, even if that Student has competed on a different Team. This Student will now be on this new Team and may not substitute back to the original Team.

The most relevant portion is bolded for your convenience.

So, if it’s a permanent switch (as would be assumed for the rest of the season), then you’d be fine.

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That’s what I though as well but our regions RECF person said that the team would be dqed at state if I showed up with them so is she in the wrong or do I have to listen to her even tho it is a wrong call

Have your coach point out G6 and the exception to your RSM (RECF person).

I will, what if she still declares it as illegal?

Well hopefully that doesn’t happen as the rules explicitly state that this scenario is legal.

You can’t drive more than one robot during a season. So, if you were not the driver for the team you are currently on, you should be fine.

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