Team changes

What are the VEX World ules in regards to team rosters for a team going from states to world. Should the same team who won in the states be going or team members can be replaced?

You are free to change team members. This happens a lot, since often, a team member who can’t travel is replaced by someone who can. There is no roster system.

The only issue is Design/Excellence. They aren’t going to expect your team to match the “team bio” list in the front of the Engineering Notebook completely, but switching out the whole team might be noticed.

thank you. Is there a manual with the rules . Can a team member be replaced even when they are interested by a member from different team.

The best way to answer this question is that there are NO team rosters. At no point in the VRC competition season are you expected to turn in a roster for a specific team. We have traditionally thought of ourselves as one large club that fields 6-7 robots. When we qualify for the US Open or Worlds, the trip is open to anyone in the club whether “their” robot qualified or not.

This is a very typical way to handle the issue. The high school organizations I mentor for are a bit more structured, and Varsity letters and Senior Accomplishments are taken from the team the student belonged from the beginning of the school year to the time of the win or award. However, students do switch teams, just not as freely as you describe. And they can fill in on other teams for a competitions if someone has to be out for SAT/ACT testing, or a sporting event (tournament play) or illness.

But as you say, the VRC competition folks do not have a team roster system, so it doesn’t matter. Once you’re in a competition, however, you can only be part of a single drive team at that competition.