Team Clothing

What are some unique ideas for team uniforms? We don’t want typical T-shirts; I wanted to create a custom tank-top while some of the other members wanted a mask and dri-fit jersey. Along with that, where are the most affordable places to order from that offers more than just T-shirts?


last comp I saw a team of wizards… you could dress up as your mascot


really anything that your team loves or is your nick name will do. We are Revamp which makes no sense so pick your name wisely lol. For affordable places. try your local print shops.

here are some common stuff for no reason
Dress up as robots
or really anything that you think is fun…

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Step 1 hats
Step 2 matching hats
Step 3 rehearse putting the hats on at the same time
Step 4 drive team puts hats on at the same time when Auton starts


One of the teams in my region are called the mad hatters and they dress up in different hats every single competition.


Get the craziest safety glasses you can find. I saw someone doing this and everyone loved it.

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VEXMEN checking in… Use customInk to make custom jerseys

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Dress in the Pokemon sword and shield uniforms, and bring Pokemon plush’s as partners.


Wear something that matches the personalities of the team, and not all teams in an organization should have the same outfit.

Here are a few personality archetypes and related cohesive uniform suggestions.

Robo-Bro: Do you take the matches way too seriously. Do you discuss with the ref at each venue about their interpretation of the pinning rules so you can walk the line all day? Do you let everyone know you carried that last match? Try a set of custom bomber jackets with your team insignia on the back. This way you can look just like the gang that you are.

Excellence award winners: Does your team help set up and break down competitions they are not hosting? Do they have a habit of winning judged awards wherever they go? Cardigans and Polos. Yeah, you lost in semifinals, but someday those kids on the other team will be working for you!

Giant foam cowboy-hat wearing team: Have you all tried dressing as bananas?

Huge member-to-sponsor ratio: Does your mentor get tired of hearding around four (or more) teams? Try screenprinting someones drawing onto a gildan tee with the name of the game and all of the teams in your organization. For extra points, don’t do anything else to them to identify one shirt from another.

Lots of money / Not a lot of money: Does your school have more money than they know what to do with? Does your school struggle to keep kids from dropping out? Then Blazers are for you. Stitch an embroidered patch onto the breast pocket, and maybe add some elbow pads if you are feeling frisky.

Banana-costume wearing team: Have you tried hilariously large foam cowboy hats?

Not a lot in common: Is your team a loose collection of strong personalities. Do they not like being told what to wear? Then patches are for you. Put the patch on a hat, on a sweater vest, on your messenger bag. Variety is the spice of life.

The actual Student-Driven team: Does your robot have some weird half-cocked mechanism that is living proof that you do not drive a dad-bot? Do you all get loud and roudy at every match? Do things fall off of your robot white regularly? Then mismatched costumes are for you! Every Saturday can be Halloween if you want it to be.

Boy scouts: Is your parent organization filing for bankruptcy and isn’t an archdiocese? Then proudly wear that scout uniform. Too bad there isn’t a merit badge for it, but at least you can buy those vex patches… from last season.


The only Nintendo fans on the team are my twin and I. But I definitely would do that if they liked Pokemon too! :smiley: :cry:


My team is gonna get matching hats that say, “We put the fun in dysfunction”, as well as matching vex bomber jackets next season. Just thought i’d mention it.


The bombers really are stylish. I recommend them for younger teams who get to enjoy them for more than just one year.

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You can always DIY your swag. By choosing sweatshirts and iron-on letter patches this can be a more affordable option. Ususally order customized swag means that you have to place a bulk order which may be a deal breaker especially if you have a small team. Hope this helps.

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my team wears letterman jackets with our team number on the back. highly reccomend it over t-shirts because you can continue to wear jackets for a while

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My team is four people, which would make iron-on a more sensible choice.

At my school, we all have matching polos that are our school colors and have our club logo on the left side of the chest. We also have normal t-shirts with our club logo on the front and we have a baseball cap, you guessed it, with our team logo on the front. We usually get a combination of those three things… some of us wear the t-shirts, some of us wear the polos, and some of us wear the hats with the t-shirts/polos. By doing this, we are all representing our school/club in some way without us being super matchy-matchy. I’m looking into getting us all hoodies with our team numbers on the left side of the chest and our team logo on the back (or some other design that has our logo somewhere and our team number somewhere) too but we’re currently tight on funds so we haven’t been able to get them yet. If you’re looking for something more fun, the best advice that I can give is to just do whatever you think will be fun/enjoyable (it doesn’t have to be robotics/team name related at all). My sister team qualified for worlds this year and they have the word outlaws in their name, so before worlds got canceled, I had the idea to have us all wear orange jumpsuits or black and white striped shirts at worlds. Honestly, whatever you wear works–as long as you’re happy with it :slight_smile:

Side note: if any of you know cheap-ish places to get custom hoodies, feel free to let me know


E-Bots Pilons (5225A) has traffic cone hats - which made them the perfect team to win Worlds in In The Zone, the year where you stack cones on top of the traffic-cone-shaped mobile goals. (Plus if you mix the color of the yellow cones with the color of the red mobile goals they used in Finals, you get the color of the orange traffic cones.)

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This season we got hoodies. I would recommend finding a local shop for clothing as they tend to be cheaper.

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I would recommend doing them yourself. If done correctly they can turn out really nice. We have someone on our team who makes ours for us.

I’ll look into it. Thanks!