Team Cloud Services: 360, Vault, Drive, etc.

Hey everyone,

I’ve been debating on moving our team’s files from Google Drive to a different cloud service. We’ve been having all kinds of issues with Google Drive and Inventor Project Files with issues with dependencies. I’m honestly too lazy to fix them, and fixing them would require us to use more cloud storage (right now we have all of our stock parts in a directory outside of the project file directory, so the project directs itself using the entire directory path C:\Users…\Google Drive… etc.)

Has anybody tried out Vault or Autodesk 360? Or have you had success with a different cloud service?

Dropbox is really good. There’s a reason that people talk about it all the time.

We’re using BitBucket for code this year, and Dropbox for everything else.

Dropbox wouldn’t solve the issue to my knowledge: the issue is that we have separate directories for projects that reference to a single folder that contains all of our stock parts (also on Dropbox). Since the stock part folder isn’t within the folder of the project, it references the full path of the folder, which includes C:\User\edjubuh, for instance. Since this changes from computer to computer, errors occur every time one of us opens the file after another has opened (because everything has been re-referenced to, say, C:\User\jminniman1234). Hope that makes the situation slightly clearer.

Did you verify a student email address with GitHub in order to get free Micro account access? I’ve seen instructions on using it and it seems interesting…

Sorry, I’m a week behind. We’re using BitBucket. I can probably get a friend of mine to explain what he did to get it working on Monday. I’m kind of out-of-the-loop this year when it comes to programming.

Would it work if everyone installed on a folder like C:\Dropbox or C:\Google Drive? Then the file paths would be the same for all.

A pain if you already have the cloud folder somewhere else and have to move it maybe, or if you have multiple users on the computer, but it might be a workaround if you can’t find a better way.

My team uses dropbox.
When ever anyone works on the engineering notebook they sign into my dropbox which my phone autouploads all picture to dropbox.

Never used it for code but I imagine if I saved my robotc code to the dropbox folder anyone signed into the dropbox would auto have the code updated.

This would be weird if multiple users wanted to program at once but aside from that it would work pretty well. :slight_smile:

Using BitBucket, GitHub, or other source code control systems is a good idea. As opposed to uploading code on Dropbox, you can get a complete history of code modifications when using one of these services, and you can know exactly who changed what and when. The process of source control also ensures that every revision is saved and that nobody’s code is overwritten, even if multiple people work on the same project.

The Purdue Robotics OS Eclipse-based IDE features built-in integration with Git source control. So users of an online source code sharing system can have rapid access to its most important features (and seamless code update/push) via Eclipse if they are using PROS.

I don’t have AutoCAD on this machine so I can’t remember the specifics but IIRC the fix has something to do with defining the parts folder as a library so that the paths are saved relatively rather than as the full path. This link looks like the right thing but again, I can’t quite remember.