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Hi everyone, our team was discussing commitment today. But we wanted to ask you guys, how much do you work on robotics in the week? We do 2 hrs Monday and 3 hrs Saturday.

I spend about 20 hours a week :stuck_out_tongue:
It does help that i can take my bot homebut in your case i would say minimum commitment would be one of those 2 sessions a week with the occasional missed week. My organisation runs 3 hours on friday and 2 hours on saturday so i would say 5 hours a week isnt a lot but you can still get a decently competitive bot done in that time if you put the work in.

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Our robot primarily stays at our school. Each member of our team works about 8 hours a week after school and then 1.5 hours in school each day around. Our team is 6 members. But most teams at our high school work about 6 hours per person outside of school. Hope that helps

I’m a 1 person team so I usually work for 30 hours a week but on breaks I might do around 50 hours.

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Last season for us wasn’t a good one for commitments. 3 out of the 7 members on our team did around 18 hours a week once the season went into full swing. The other 4 didn’t really care and only did the 4 hours per week at school (tuesdays and thursdays).
I’m already spending ~5 hours a week (mostly on weekends) in Autodesk and such; all of my schools’ teams aren’t doing anything over the summer because we’ve traded in all of our control systems.

I wasn’t ever sure when asked this question, so this season I actually have a work log app I’m using to clock in and out when I work. So far, ive worked 10 hours in two days. Ive never had good team members, so every hour that is logged is MY hour. Most of my members didn’t even show up to competitions. So this year, Ive recruited my sister as a teammate. Mainly for the fact that we both work our tails off to get things done and that we can get more done because we live together. lol.


its an hour a day for hour team this year, but next year it’ll be 2-3 hours every 2-3 days or so

Our robot stays at school, but we meet Tuesday and Wednesday for 2:30 and an hour all the other weekdays. That comes to about 8 hours a week. I also spend a significant amount of time with CAD and code at home, but I don’t log it. Realistically, so long as you can get everyone to commit to it, 5 hours a week should be plenty. Our team isn’t very efficient so we need more time.

We only come to robotics when our coach is available…

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We meet every Thursday (we are a group of one-person teams) and are allowed to bring home whatever we need to test and build. So 2.5 hours Thursdays and 5-10 hours rest of the week.

We have 5 hours each week of “mandatory meeting” time on normal weeks, but our most dedicated students typically do 11 hours a week on a normal week. Tournament Prep weeks are usually 50% more on top of that.

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During the main part of our season, I am in my classroom from 3:00pm to 5:00pm everyday. Plus I have an alumni going to a local college that is certified to be a supervisor and will come in after 5:00pm on days when the teams need extra time (week before a tournament, etc.). Otherwise, during the off-season, I allow my teams to come in two days per week 'til 4:30pm and about 10-15 days over the summer for 3 hours at a time.
Not all members of the teams are in all of the time, I keep it very flexible. They show up when they can and don’t show up when they can’t. They know that the quality of robot they produce is a result of time on task, so they make their own decisions about how much time they choose to put in.

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We work about 6 hours a week. It means that we aren’t able to prototype as much as we would like, but we are still able to build a competitive robot.

Okay. Thank you. That’s a lot. Our team has to work only when our coach is here. Maybe we could have a substitute. But our team is very passionate and tries to work a lot. Just need someone…

8110 as a program has 11.5 hours a week about to work with expanded time during school or on weekends. Many teams don’t utilize all of the time but our main days are Tuesday and Thursday from 3-7 and 3-6 on those days every other day is 3-4:30.
Teams like 1970K during their peak season would work every day from 4-8:30

I’m on a two person team and most weeks I take home stuff related to building and she takes home the notebook and we have a plan of what we are going to do during the week and well either text or facetime if we need imput on something.

For preseason I’m usually in our robotics lab for 3-8 of hours a week. At our peak season, I’m in the robotics lab for 17-35 hours a week and on breaks, I barely do anything other than robotics. On breaks, I usually spend 42-72 hours a week. During the season, our organization runs from 2:30-5:00 every day and 7:00-8:30 for three of the five days in a school week, however, the lab door is not locked until 8:30 every day so I’ve gone from 2:30 to 8:30 for five days before. Our teams will also will organize Saturday sessions from 12:00-5:00 so we can be in the robotics lab for a while :slight_smile:

Not sure, my team works constantly on theirs. When they arent working on the actual bot, they’re working on the notebook or programming. We didn’t even log all of our hours on the bot this season, but the ones we did log added up to over 700 hours total for our season.

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Our nine teams record their time in a google form at most 1 day after they meet to keep it accurate and timely. The google form automatically updates and sorts each team by rank (total hours). It’s proved to be a good motivational tool (teams see who has put in hours and try to be the #1 team each week).

This past year, our five High School teams met anywhere from 240 to 564 hours (team hours, not individual hours - which could be a one person meeting or the whole team), May through April. They ranged from 100 to 150 meetings a year, usually 2 to 3 times a week, 2.5 to 3.5 hours each time.

Our four Middle School teams met anywhere from 140 to 225 hours (team hours, not individual hours), October through April, 5 days/week during school homeroom for 30 minutes and an additional 1 to 2 times a week, 1 to 2 hours each time.

Combined for 9 teams, 50 students they met individually as a teams 2,765 hours in 1,479 meetings. Individual people time across all those meetings they accumulated 9,481.5 hours.

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