team for vex iq

i’m wondering on the amount of vex iq teams should we need? Can it be in odd number of team for example 7/9? Please tell me how to manage the game? It’s my first time to organize this event.:)…I’ve read all the things needed.but quite worried of it since it’s my first time to organize it.

While an official VEX IQ event must include the participation of a minimum of 16 registered teams, you can invite any additional number of teams that your event space and resources can safely accommodate. It is best to plan for an even number of teams, since the Teamwork Challenge matches include two teams, who are collaborating for a group score.

There are a number of resources available to support you in hosting your first VEX IQ event. The VEX IQ Event Documents site includes the Event Partner Guide, as well as a schedule of training calls for Event Partners and volunteers. The next VEX IQ Event Partner training teleconference is scheduled for February 10th. The VEX IQ Inspector and Referee training teleconference is scheduled for February 2nd to help you manage the robot game. If these teleconferences are scheduled prior to your event, I encourage you to participate.

Also, please contact your REC Regional Support Manager to provide the support you require to prepare for your event. Thank you for your support of the VEX IQ Challenge!