Team Grant Kits

Got the answer, thanks all!!

Welcome! If you have a Facebook account, join the VEX World Coaches Association (and make sure to answer the three questions). Lots of members with experience with this type of thing.

Lots of speculation both ways. Ask your RECF Regional Support Manager who will steer you with information you need to make such decisions.

What is your name?
What is your quest?
What is your favorite color?

What’s your sign? (oh,I’m showing my age!)

I was thinking the same thing

Has anybody be received there grant package?

which season? we got ours in 2013-14 Toss Up season - game changer for our club!

I mean receiving there’s yet for this season because vex isn’t very specific on shipping dates and I want to start building.

The forum is not exactly the best source of delivery times - contact your Regional Support Manager - they should know more details about your situation.