Team Highlights

Here’s a video from our state tournament. I know some teams worry about sharing secrets, but I don’t.

The very last match is the Teamwork Championship #1 alliance. The #2 alliance had just scored 144, and this alliance had to match it.


Excellent video! I agree, at this point in the year, there’s no sense in hiding anything. I told my team that at Worlds, there should be a HUGE emphasis on scouting, strategy, and practicing with partners. It seems like 144 is that threshold that many teams are hitting based on similar designs (stacking 4 high and clearing the field). I have a team that can stack 5 high. They cant score more than 80+ by themselves, but telling them how they can strategize with a great team at Worlds who could score over 100 on their own will hopefully help them and their partners break that 144 mark. Here’s the Virginia Elementary Finals (top 2 seeds). My team, 3615S Triangle ES is in the black, and their partner, Ashland ES10300B in the red, finished with a 131. They had to beat 58 so as good sports, they let off the gas with about 15 seconds left.

Great videos! Thanks for sharing.

Yeah… the trick is practice.

This weekend the 9 teams that qualified to the Worlds from PR are coming over to our school to run some practice matches. The plan is to have different style of robots to see how we can maximize our scoring no matter what kind of robot is going to partner with us.

Yup… Practice is Key!!

Cool. Good teamwork.