Team Letters

It’s a done deal. RECF will probably not go back on the decision.

It’s a done deal. RECF will probably not go back on the decision.

Wait does that mean for any team that they need to have a letter in front of the numbers, or just have a letter at the back? For example would team 62 need to be A62, or 62A?


I would be fine with the change, if they didn’t make it that teams that had already secured a team number didn’t need it. Those teams had registered without a letter, all they should have to do is just re-register.

Perhaps I’m imagining this, but I believe at some point it was said the reasoning behind requiring a team letter was to avoid confusion when there are multiple teams with the same number and one of those teams does not have a letter. If this is right, then they should only require orgs registering multiple teams to have letters. If there is just one 62 for example (which I believe there no longer is?) then there should be no confusion whether or not they have a letter.

We actually experienced this confusion firsthand (6030/6030B/6030J): queuers were confused no more than once a year. Even then, it took all of 30 seconds to say “6030 with no letter,” and no one was confused anymore.

It’s not a huge deal, but it’s still never made sense to me that you can have a team with no letter. Just use A, X, or Z if you’re that upset and have no idea what letter to use. I know you guys are probably using K for 6030.

Honestly it’s really not a big deal, and I do believe 6030 will indeed become 6030K.

I just think this whole letter affair will ultimately cause more confusion as far as keeping track of what team had what number, but I also expect at least most tournament-frequenting teams to figure everyone out by mid-season at the latest.