Team Logo

I am a rookie this year so our coach told us to make a logo so i was wondering is this a good logo :confused:
4549B logo.jpg

Logos should almost always be vector. IS there any way you can make it less pixelated?

Right now, you can see three clear portions of the logo. You want to try to bring it all into one. Logos should be simple and easy to remember.

For example, this is our team logo:

^I don’t know why there’s that much space there. But you can see that it clearly shows our school name, and the M in the gear can be used everywhere as a small but clear indicator of our team.

My thought is as long as your team likes it then it’s good. We wanted something memorable that fit with our team name which is “Silent Bot Deadly” I agree that having it in vector format makes for better scalability as well.

I think you mean vector. :smiley:

You got me there, I always get raster and vector confused… :rolleyes:

In my day, Rasta was something I would relate to Bob Marley :slight_smile:

Raster graphics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In computer graphics, a raster graphics image, or bitmap, is a dot matrix data structure representing a generally rectangular grid of pixels, or points of color, …

By the way, fantastic logo sbdrobotics. Even managed to slip your team number on the label.