Team management for Robotmesh

Hi all! Our VEX teams just switched to using the V5s for this year, and it seems that RobotMesh would be the best code editor for them, but I do have a few questions. We don’t want all of the teams to share the same account for their programs, since that seems a bit risky for code stomping, even with the folders. But managing/keeping track of an account for each team, also seems like a handful. Is there an easy way to manage multiple teams/accounts? For example a “master” account that can access them all? Or will we need to stick with separate accounts/management.

Also, does anyone do any github integration with their programs to help with versioning? Or is there any versioning built into RobotMesh? I’d love for the kids to be able to tinker with their programs without having to worry about losing something that previously worked.

Thanks all!


I believe RobotMesh has an offline version which let’s you save files offline (then they could all have their own git).


The offline version also does automatic versioning. You can access all autosaved files from within the robotmesh folder on your computer.


In the vein of a “master” account, we do have a teacher license that can create student accounts and see the projects of the accounts it creates. We did prototype a team edition at one point, but there wasn’t much interest in it at the time and it got shelved. (It turns out the number of teams with more than one programmer isn’t terribly large.)

As for versioning, we do save history for projects in our database for online projects or on your local drive for offline projects, as alb4h mentioned. At the moment we don’t expose any of the project’s history to the user, so right now it’s only used to restore projects when we get “help my project disappeared” support emails. That being said, it’s fairly easy with our editor to manually create a copy and treat either it or the original as a backup.


Thank you so much, everyone, that’s very helpful. @alb4h and @John_TYler, that’s good to know about the versioning files. I’ll have to take a look for them, when I’m on a Windows machine. I have played with keeping multiple copies of a program online to help with versioning, but until we find some good way of naming them, that the kids will use consistently, there will be constant confusion of the state of each copy, and modifying the wrong version. I could work with them on using git/github, but I only use it via the command line, and I’m not sure they’re ready for that, yet. I’m not familiar with what github GUI tools are out there, but I’ll take a look.

@John_TYler, that’s too bad there wasn’t much interest in a team edition. I know several of the girls on my daughter’s team are interested in working with the programming. They’re just starting out, but I love their interest and being able to introduce them to it. I’ve considered giving them each their own folder, so they can tinker with the programs as they wish.

Our school usually has around 6-8 vex teams, each one managing their own code. The main concern is that our club’s coach would like an easy way to track/manage the all. We could definitely do the desktop version (thank you for adding that, it will be a huge help), but if we stick with the online version, maybe the teacher license is the way to go. I’ll bring up that option with our coach.

Thanks for all the great feedback!

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