Team management software

Does anyone use or know of a team management software that is cheap or free? We would like to have our roster in one and keep up with attendance, payments, and fundraiser participation with it.
Thanks in advance!

I need it too! I mainly use Excel for all that though.
Bill R.

We’ve gone to google sheets and google forms. Excel and multiple concurrent users caused us some issues when we were marking payments.

Google forms can lead right to the google sheets at registration time. You can make a roboteer ID and use that as cross reference in other forms and sheets.

Our school uses Charms for many things and that has attendance modules. Not sure how cheap it is though.

Thank you for your replies! Looking into some different ways but haven’t settled on one yet.

Teamsnap is a pretty common software that we’ve used in the past and many sports teams use. Asana is another.