Team meet during pandemic

How does your team manage to hold team meet during pandemic?
We are a private team and used to have all kids meet at coach’s house.
That seems to be out of the question. We plan to start team meet just outdoor and discuss how we build robots. But each member goes home and build their own robot.
Any better ideas out there?

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I don’t think you should meet with anyone outside of your household during this time unless you are meeting outdoors, with masks and distancing, and only in a very low-risk region. Staying safe is far more important than being able to meet.

I’d have someone as a designated builder and then all get in a call together with that person streaming the robot so everyone can see and share ideas


I would say all of the team planning can be done at home, through zoom or facetime. Each member should be able to do their part separately. You can have multiple members design via cad/sketches and one person construct the robot. Then pass on the robot to the coder, driver, etc. All of these things can be done with one person physically present and input from the rest of the team can be done virtually, via text or call.

How my team has been working while distanced:

  • Lots of planning from beforehand, which in turn minimizes the time needed to be physically present with the robot
    • Call and establish the order of who gets the bot and when
    • discuss design together
  • One person builds, then pass on the robot to the coder, then driver, so on and so forth

In my opinion, this step could be wiped out entirely through the power of messaging and video call services.


Well you do need someone to build the robot, perhaps code could be written by the coder and sent the builder but that would be a bit inconvenient for testing purposes.

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That’s a very interesting idea!

Perhaps, RECF could consider an online challenge where teams showcase their workflow that accommodates social distancing during pandemic. Let say public video submission format due some time in mid September and, maybe, even recurring every month.

I am sure students will be able to come up with some very innovative and clever solutions in addition to what adults have already thought of (

It would be great if this could be an official online challenge, but if not I am sure a number of mentors, me included, will be happy to chip in something like $50 towards gift certificates. @DanMantz @jmckenna


This is kind of risky, but we meet indoors every week :). We just make sure that everyone wears masks at all times, washes hands/ hand sanitize frequently, limit physical contact, and even wear gloves at times. Then again, COVID isn’t exactly very rampant in our area to begin with, so it’s a little easier for us.

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My team is doing it, and it’s working fine.


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