Team meetings

I am part of a vex team that is experienced and doesn’t need a lot of meetings, but we are having trouble meeting as the older children are in 8th grade and are preparing for TJ/AOS/AET exams. Could someone suggest how we should figure out a day you can meet for about 2 hours? thanks. :slight_smile:

My school has a robotics class, but the team members take essentially a “competitive robotics independent study” at the same time, which basically allows us to meet and work during school hours. We also met during lunch when that used to be an option, and that time was invaluable for planning.

I never really got a straight 2 hours just to work, so we spread it throughout our day, which, given, wasn’t ideal for obvious reasons.

Have you discussed meeting before or directly after school? I’m not sure if bussing would be a problem, but finding a good day in the mornings wouldn’t be hard.

Weekends might also be a possibility. Saturday mornings and/or Sunday afternoons seem to be pretty open on my schedule, and it appears to be the same for those students around me.


I am from the NOVA area and I can tell you its hard to work with the kid’s schedules, especially if they are in different prep classes. What our team did in 8th grade was meet right after school twice a week and do longer meetings on Sunday for 3-4 hours. Obviously some of the kids will not be able to make all the meetings, but as long as they are able to make a majority of the meetings it should be okay.


Use , it’s what my team uses to schedule meetings. You can use it to find out when everyone is free