Team Member Age

What is the age range for a VEX EDR team member?

MS-HS so 12ish to 18ish if they go off of the usual age for schools

No lower limit. Upper limit boils down to “senior in high school.” Here is the text of the rule:

Student – Anyone enrolled in a pre-college school or home-schooled as part of a pre-college educational curriculum and is born after April 22nd, 1998. Eligibility may also be granted based on a disability that has delayed education by at least one year.

Basically that. I’m 18 currently, but because I have a hearing disability, I had to repeat kindergarten, and thus, I’ll actually be 19 during this year’s VEX Worlds, and I’m eligible to participate.

I don’t think it will be inforced if you are a year older. I mean, if you are just turning 19 this year would it matter?

Vex is a learning program, they want to let the high-schoolers to learn not have everything built for them. If you want to to play when you are 19 do Vex U.

One of my previous team members was in his second-last year of highschool and, due to educational reasons, would be turning 20 by the end of HS.
It doesn’t matter by age, just by whether you are in MS, HS, or College