Team Member Amount

How many people do you need to have on a team?

I believe 5 is the perfect amount, but you can range from a single member to over 10 members :stuck_out_tongue:

There isn’t a rule for how many people you have to have :slight_smile:

I heard it was a minimum of three.

You have to have a minimum of two, but you can have as many as you want

You don’t even need two people; I’ve seen a number of teams with only one person.
However, I would say that the ideal number of people depends on how much time you’re willing to spend working on the robot and if you are willing to take on a much greater workload (especially during a tournament): the more time you are willing to spend, the fewer people you will need.

Huh. I vaguely remember a ruling saying you needed at least two, but I went to to “register” a team, and you could register with 1 student. But, practically, you would never want less than three, as that’s the drive team minimum. Although, I remember that team from Hawaii that did really well with only two members (I think they were brothers) and a parent. Basically, the number of members should be inversely proportional to the average amount of investment each student is going to put in.

Cite the rule that states how many members must be on a team.

So the response marked as answer stating minimum two is factually incorrect.

You may have one, two or three driving team members.

@lacsap Rule <G3> states that no more than 3 drive team members may be present at the driver station at at any time, it does not specify team minimums or even drive team minimums.

I wouldn’t go anything above 5 people per team. Beyond that, you run a high risk of having deadweight people on your team, which isn’t good for the judges.

It is 1 to 3 due to the max of 3 drive team members at a match per team.

Yeah there’s a max of 3 drive members, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a team can’t have more than 3 members. My team went to this year’s worlds with 16 people (We took three teams to state championships and one came out trumps obviously, plus we had to bring 3 more people to not waste our hotel rooms, I believe). You could have people working “behind the scenes” for your team, like doing programming, repairs, scouting, team PR, etc.

Is a one man team/family operation

  • I build/drive/program
    -Parent is used for coaching and organizing

There really isn’t one answer, there are some people that are dedicated, skilled, and not team friendly so they would want to be the only one on the team but if you have great organization you should have a team with large numbers… I like 4 since then you can have 2 hardware and 2 software, one master and one apprentice…

My team has about 10 active members spread across 4 teams. We have 2 programmers for all 4 teams, and the other 8 are divided among the 4 teams for building and design. We have one team of one (I also pitch in as a programmer when necessary), and a team of 3. The other 2 teams have 2 each. The ideal size comes down to the personalities of everyone on the team and how well people works together.