Team Member Eligibility

Question: Can a Middle School 8th grader, that meets the bday requirements, be a driver on an MS IQ Team and a MS/HS VRC Team during the same season?

No, I dont think so, because even if they meet requirements, there’s still a rule on that if you drive for one team you cant drive for another one, but it may not apply to IQ. It’s a high school rule

It’s a rule for both programs.

However, <G3> in both programs is also the same, and it’s use common sense. The rule about driving for a single team is to avoid teams having advantages by having good players playing for more than one team, and playing on a VRC and IQ team offers no advantage in either program by being in both.


Yes, IQ has that too, but I figured they were for the same competitions to prevent the Best drivers getting multiple teams State/Worlds. in this case it is IQ driver also driving for VRC, which seems different to me

Yeah, I think this would be fine. <G3><G6> in the VRC manual prevents people from driving for multiple VRC teams, and <G3><G6> in the VIQC manual prevents people from driving for multiple VIQC teams, but I don’t think either rule prohibits people from competing in both programs simultaneously, and that’s not the behavior <G3><G6> was introduced to curb anyway.

If you’re still concerned, email your RECF rep or ask on one of the Q&As once they open.


Thanks much, I emailed RECF this AM, but was curious as to what the forum thought.


<G6> in each refers to drivers, <G3> in each is “use common sense”.


Whoops, <G3> jumped out at me in your post above and evidently, I neglected to read the rest of that sentence, or double-check the manual to verify I had the right rule. Thanks for pointing that out.


I sent an email in response to a student email:


He got the message.


I agree with you, should be fine, or I broke the rule in the past. I actually plan to let kids be on both so that they could start to compete with VRC and still play with IQ. Like, have an IQ team of 4 where one of the kids is also doing VRC.

Something like that…

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My take is the student should be 100% committed to one team or the other… Or is a contractor for hire?

I mean, which would you rather have a team member who’s only concern is to give 100% for the team, or be the contractor you bring in because you doubt your team’s ability?

To me it seems the solution is for team members to practice and practice agin until they get it right for one team.

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I personally think it’s fine, I’m pretty sure the “one team” rule applies for competitions only, but I’ll have to double check.

We just don’t have a very well-established VRC program yet. My kids go to magnet high schools all over the county and of the seven schools two have a program. most of my students also do VEX IQ and they have a pretty high level of success.

For Middle School VRC the program across the state is pretty small. We have 26 world spots for VEX IQ Middle School and 3 for vex middle school.

That’s not the biggest deal to me, but it’s hard for me to sell them going to VRC when they know they can be much more successful in VEX IQ. I need a better way to bridge the gap and I’m up for any suggestions.


For us, it’s not about the best driver driving for both teams, although that is the outcome. It is because we are a private team based on our family and friends.We don’t have tryouts or anything like that, just whoever is interested that year. My daughter did IQ as 7th grade this year to hang out with her friend. They both learned a lot from an education perspective, but my daughter wants to be competitive as well. So she would like to continue IQ to hang out with her friend with low stress on winning and her friends parents really want them involved in STEM. The VRC side would get her started in a more competitive environment since she is the only required driver and can build/practice more on her own on her own time schedule. I wasn’t sure if this would all wane going forward, but she wants to follow in her brothers VRC footsteps apparently and I want to encourage that for as long as she would like.

Plus, she wants to beat @sankeydd.


There is a Girl in Indiana that’s a driver of a IQ team and a drive team member of a HS VRC team. They don’t exactly fly under the Radar, they are/were one of the best teams in MS IQ in the state. I don’t think you’ll have any issues with doing this.


But she’s so nice about it! I remember what I judged them in STEM back in elementary, when they work that hard you don’t mind losing to them.