Team Members

The single biggest issue with this rule is that there’s no documentation trail available which can prove someone team-hopped during the season. Taking international participation into consideration too once you reach season end at the world championship RECF have absolutely zero chance of enforcing this rule in any way whatsoever. Great in principle but terrible in practice unless there’s a system to handle team member registration alongside team registration.

Actually I am hoping that they will allow an one-time transfer before worlds.
There are too many instances that students couldn’t go to worlds (either due to financial constraints or other commitments, etc) after winning a worlds spot. It will be kind of wasted to send a half strength team over.

Good news: this seems like it would likely be allowed, according to this Q&A, which describes how the aforementioned VEX IQ Q&A answer applies to VRC.

Edited to add: It doesn’t specifically mention a student being unable to travel to the remaining events in the season (i.e. Worlds), but I assume that’s one of the other reasons they will allow.

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Looks like it should be acceptable. And finally a sensible changed in the rules.

unrelated to topic, but what tips would you give a new (and somewhat awkward) member of a team for judging? im the driver and help with building a little bit, if that helps

@Shard Please create a new thread, and we’d be glad to help.

for sure, although is was mostly directed at lacsap. any help is help, though