Team Name

One of my teams just finished the Northern California State Championships so we are now talking about next year. One such discussion is cool team names. Any suggestions out there? Our school is Lemoore Middle College HS and our mascot is a panther.

Our club is also starting a new team next year and we wanted to have a name that started with our new letter, so I compiled a list of possible team names for us to use. Enjoy!

A= anti-matter, activate, Asimov, alpha
B= beta, boron, basilisk
C= carbon, cyrex
D= dream, destruction, demi god deity
E= epic
F= fierce
G= gravitinos, gravity, griffin, gamma
H= hectic, hazard, hexo
I= inertia, infinty
J= joule
K= kinetic, karthik
L= lithium
M= magnitude, magma, momentous, momentum
N= neon, nuclear
O= oxygen
P= plutonium
Q= quarantine
R= radius
S= sinister, senpai, sensei, silicon
T= titan
U= uranium, ununpentium
V= vector, victory, vulcan
W= warp
X= xenon, xylophone
Y= yukon
Z= zirconium, zenith

Some of them are a little funky just because I couldn’t think of anything else, I also showed it to someone who gave me a few and told me that his names were from some video game…


(10 char)

Cubic Zirconium
Vexual Healing

Panthermonuclear :slight_smile:


Panther Robotics?

Panzers? (sounds kinda like panthers, but is also a tank)

The Cheetahs? (Could gain extra scrutiny from the judges, but is rather tongue-in-cheek)

MCP? (Both a movie reference to the Master Control Program from Tron, and an abbreviation for “Middle College Panthers”)

The head mentor before me came up with the Vexmen moniker in 2010 after seeing “brands” of teams at worlds that year. It has worked well for us.

Having a name that can be used across multiple robots/teams works well too. So if you get the second level of brand that’s even better. We name our robots after characters and have nearly run out of letters we can use due to reduced character set in Vex team names and having so many teams. 80Y is Cypher because 80C was taken for Colossus.

Looking at all teams there are already Panther based names. Purple Panthers is even already used along with Panther Bots. Middlemen maybe? Nah.

See a huge list of teams here (this is the first 5000 US currently registered VRC teams):

how bout S for SWAG, D for DANK MEMES, B for BLAZE it, I for ILLUMANATI, or Q for QUIKSKOPE XDDDDDD
( i am being funny if you were wondering hehe)

Thanks for all the ideas, we will be asssembaling our teams soon and I will show them this thread for ideas. They will seriously try to use the ILLUMANATI name though

I can’t remember which team it is, but I know for sure there is an “Aluminati” team, so I would not go with that, as it is sort of lame to copy another team’s name.

I think for my team, I will propose a name along the line of Caesar. If anybody knows of a team with a similar name, let me know, I don’t want to take another team’s name. I’m going to try Gaius Vexus Caesar.

10B is Exothermic Blaze, so there’s that…

One of my favorite names is team 575, Exothermic Haiku. Get it?

I liked “Quantum Senpai”.

illuminati confirmed?

When I finished reading 575 I was going to make a sarcastic comment about how of course you like that name because it was your sons team.

But I take that all back (before I even said it), that is a brilliant team name.

I just remembered. I recently saw a team without a name. Like they didn’t put one in when registering. It was odd.

2323Z is the Aluminati

Kangs would be a pretty sick name if you ask me.