Team number shared between VRC and VEX IQ?


I thought I have seen team numbers used between IQ and VRC teams in the past, but I tried recently and it’s not letting me.

Is there some way to do this?

- OR -

Did there used to be some way to do this but now you cant unless you are grandfathered in?

- OR -

Was this never possible and I’m just crazy???

I know it was possible at one point, as a team I help competed with their same number and letter in both MS VRC and MS VEXIQ.

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Our middle school VRC Teams are 2626A-D, our IQ teams are 2626P-Z

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We have it, we just selected the team number and postfix, then selected the type of team -IQ/VRC/EL/MS/etc…

The interface is a little different now… And after looking there were VRC teams once before registered under 10847 out of China… I sent an email in, I’ll let you know what I hear.

It is possible for IQ teams to have the exact same team number as VRC teams. This year we had a team 3333B in Vex IQ, and also a team 3333B in VRC.

Six years ago when we were getting started, we took 3333 as our number for a team of 3rd graders. As students graduated into VRC we wanted to continue to use 3333, but it was taken. After looking into the team that had that number for VRC I noticed that they hadn’t competed in a couple of years. So I contacted them and they agreed to give us the number.

OK, so what I didn’t initially understand is that the VRC and VEXIQ number databases are not connected in any way. New programs that want a unified number from Elem through High School should look for a number and save it for both programs.

There is NO connection between VRC and VEXIQ on the numbers. 1234A can be a VEX IQ team and VRC team.

I have two IQ teams (10847 and 74801) and 74801 does not have a VRC team attached to it, so I’ll use that number for VRC.

I have two IQ teams because I have too many teams for one number. 22 teams max per number and I had 24 teams last year.