Team Numbering

How does VEX determine team numbers ?

Houston has a pretty big spread of number ranges registered so far.

I’m pretty certain the more recent VEX team #s are 1280ish range.
I remember world championship had chinese teams in 7000s and home schools had their own number block. Does anyone want to start a wiki page on the science of selecting team #s ?

This is a question I get from teams all the time but I still don’t have a very good answer.

Unofficial answer:

The Great Registrar maintains a master list of team numbers. Since many FRC teams are switching to VRC or adding VRC teams, active FRC team numbers are generally now reserved. Some teams with special reasons can request inactive FRC numbers.

In other cases, whole ranges of numbers are reserved for a geographical area. New Zealand teams are 29xx, and Chinese teams are generally 7xxx. As new areas open up, you may see other number ranges reserved.

Other than that, it has been IFI’s policy to let teams request numbers if there is some reason for it. For example, Exothermic is in its fourth season of VEX competitions. We started with a single FVC number (3632), then went to three (417,418 and 575), then to five (adding 419 and 420). When it became obvious that we are adding five more teams this year and that our team numbering is getting confusing even to us, we asked the Great Registrar if we could get a single number for our club. He said “10” was available (not having been used in FRC for more than ten years), so we are now 10(n), and the G.R. was able to give 418 to an old, respected FRC team.*

There are few hard-and-fast rules to numbering, and it’s a pain for the G.R. to deal with, but IFI really does want teams to be happy so the G.R. tries to accommodate as many people as possible.

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  • OK, 575 is our oldest team, with one member who is now in his fourth year and four in their third. We asked the Great Registrar to keep 575 for these “senior” students. So, all of our teams are 10, except for one. That flexibility is cool. :slight_smile:

At least the numbers are kind of far apart, its much better than what happens to Iolani (our team) 2438 and Moanalua 2348, hopefully you noticed that they are different numbers… some times I dont, especially when reading the match schedules.

Does this mean that LASA has registered? (FRC team 418)

Yes, they have.