Team Operations Handbook

We are a fledgling team starting our first year in VRC. We were able to secure initial funding for a field, a couple of kits and some parts. What we failed to do, and we are paying the price for this currently, is really establish a written code of conduct, standards and expectations BEFORE we began. Long story short, we just did a reorg to smaller size and are going back to put in place a team handbook so we avoid the issues we faced the past 3+ months.

I’ve searched the forum and I did see some “Words of Wisdom” posts on this topic but never a downloadable copy of a more experienced teams operating principles. Yes, we are currently gathering ideas from those we find on the internet, usually FRC teams, but we were hoping for examples to draw from in the VRC world. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Vex wiki is a great place for help on a variety of topics from building to programming to team dynamics.


This is a great topic - reflecting to gain better practices.

One topic that just came up and disappeared today, “are we ready for competition tomorrow?”

As a club advisor I do not let teams in our organization compete at an event if they are not “competition ready”. What that looks like beginning of the season is different than getting ready for Worlds. Early season, make sure you have ample practice time with the robot at least a week before competition - so first competition robot must pass inspection and score well a week before competition. Leave the next week for practice and tuning. Following competitions raise the bar! more features, more points, but allow time to practice and tune.

Having a growth mindset and learning from tournaments is critical.