OYES could consistently beat 2915A(which is similar enough to 21 to be equivalent) and 2915C. I am pretty sure the 2915 alliance beat OYES at least once or twice. The teams that made it to the finals for VEXU wouldn’t have stood a chance against VRC champs in my opinion.

Also just to add to the comparison of different VEXU teams. One of the best VEXU team in SA was FEAR and their main member was on OYES and is now on AURA. “It’s all the same, only the names with change.”

Griffin, why did you make this a new thread? I feel like this would have been better as a comment in the “Team 44?” thread that your quote comes from.

Anyway, yes Jack and Lucas from OYES are now part of AURA (and also students of the University of Auckland). Shane from OYES is also an AURA member, though he isn’t a UoA student. Other than those three we also have some other members from high-profile VRC teams, including a couple of world champions.

This year we’ll once again be competing against 2915 and hopefully some other top NZ teams as part of our preparation for Worlds. We might not have as much success against them as OYES did last year, but either way it’ll be good practice for everyone involved.