Team PigPen | “Mr. Santa”

As we enter the holiday season, we are reminded of the importance of friends, family, and…robotics. This has been an unprecedented year for all of us. But in a tumultuous year of social distancing and virtual learning, our tradition of robotics parody songs continues!

PigPen Robotics is proud to present our fourth robotics song, “Mr. Santa.” We hope you enjoy the song, and we wish you a cheerful and safe holiday season.


nice job, sounds pretty good! Someone should use this for a reveal.


:clap: Another great song to add to the books!

Other Beautiful Songs That They Have Produced

Pretty awesome. :laughing:
Merry Christmas.


Nice job! This is great.

Here is an awesome Ringmaster robot reveal to that song from the Gear Squad, team 21549A.

Also, here is the FRC parody to “We Didn’t Start the Fire” (We’re gonna Build a Robot). :sweat_smile:


Yeah, they didn’t include the lyrics again, but I was able to hack sing my way into peeking at their Digital Engineering Notebook and, boy-o-boy, did they do a remarkable job of documenting their season in the song!

Here is the lyrics annotated with their Engineering Notebook highlights. Please, enjoy!

For the first 23 meetings of the season the team was essentially goofing off…

Suddenly they realize the competition is near but the bot isn’t ready :scream:

They brainstorm some alternatives, create a decision matrix, and the the best idea turns out to be asking Santa to bring them a bot.

Happy that they found a solution, the team proceeds to goof off for four more meetings…

While waiting for Santa, they build a prototype…

Their first design couldn’t shoot the balls into the goal, more goofing off…

After a month of waiting, they realize that their documentation person never wrote the letter to Santa, oops.

Also, as a result of extensive testing they conclude that Clawbot is not an optimal design to shoot the balls.

More than half into the season, team programmers finally admit that they have no idea what they are doing and start searching for a good programming tutorial.

While programmers take an online class, the team is happily singing and dancing, pom, pom, pom…

'Tis time of the season again, when the team needs an external motivation to rebuild…

They also circle back on their Engineering Design Cycle to revisit the goals and the specs for the robot…

Apparently, they missed the memo from Mr. Cox that “Discord is a scary place”

As current robot design is stuck in a dead end, team realizes that maybe, just maybe, it is a good idea to finally listen to an adult mentor.

More happy singing and dancing, while not paying attention to a mentor, who is trying to explain something, …

Desperate, the team considers switching to the battle-bot style robot.

With the competition just a few days away the robot doesn’t fit into 18" - big oops.

Because of finals, the team notebooker had very little sleep lately - the last entry is hardly legible and makes very little sense… But the pleas to Mr. Santa are getting more frequent and desperate…


That’s amazing. I especially love the part around 1:05. It’s very relatable.

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That’s great. Next you need to do a parody of Mr. Roboto.