Team Pit Organization

Hello, I want to clarify something I read in the FAQ for the 2018 World Championship.

From the FAQ I read:

And based on the recently released venue map, it looks like the Pit areas for VRC HS are number 5-10.

Is my interpretation correct that if I have say 5 teams at Worlds, and they’re in 5 separate divisions, that their pits will not be co-located?

Thanks for the question and sorry for any confusion! We are assigning pits exactly how we have done so in the past. Teams from the same organization will be next to one another (except for breaks in the rows). The map that you are referencing only helps by assigning a general area for a series of pits, it doesn’t have anything to do with the pit assignments, division assignments, or pit locations. Have a great day, good luck at the event!