Team Plates

Can you mark on or change the color the team plates?

I believe that you can mark on them. However, I do not believe that you can change the color, The color is very important, particularly in a game like last year’s where there was a great amount of freedom of movement. Not as much this year as alliances are restricted to one side of the field, so it is obvious which alliance you are on. However, I think changing the color would still be prohibited.

We put Vexmen styled stickers on ours but keep the red and blue plate the same. The red/blue needs to be clearly visible to discern your team and I think it should be the Vex plate overall.

But how you identify the number does not necessarily have to be from those stickers provided in the kit.

Ok thanks can, but can you change the color of the letters and or numbers?

This would be legal, as long as you can still clearly see what the number is

It would be legal to do (provided that they don’t completely blend in), but I would advise against dark colored numbers or numbers that blend in to the plate. This is because if you have a really good robot, and you’re killing the match, you want everybody in the competition to be able to see your team number

thank you this helped a lot!