Team ranking

Can anyone explain me how teams are ranked in a competition?
Also what does SPs and WPs stand for?

Teams play qualifying matches usually around 6-10 depending on the size of the tournament. A win is 2 WP’s (win points), a tie is 1 WP and a loss is 0 WP’s. The SP’s (strength points, schedule points, and other names besides) are tie breakers if teams have the same win-loss-tie record. SP’s are the losing team’s score in each match.

Example 1:

Score is 10-5, all 4 teams get 5 SP’s

Score is 30-0, all 4 teams get 0 SP’s

Score is 30-29, all 4 teams get 29 SP’s

SP’s seem a bit silly though. A match with thorough defense could end 5-2 while a thoroughly offensive game could end 30-25. In this way, VEX is probably promoting offensive play (especially with no descoring this year)

SP stands for Strength of Schedule Point. If you get DQd in a match, you receive no WP’s and no SP’s. Usually at tournaments SP’s are most important if you have one loss, because there will probably be a lot of teams with one loss, so they are all competing for picking spots with their SP’s. That’s why you’ll see teams scoring for the opposing team when they are ahead (higher opponent score=more SP’s).

that’s why sometimes my team will “courtesy score” (scoring for your opponents) to raise our sp, it helps all the teams in my match move higher on the rankings by giving them more sp. and so far it’s worked quite well for us.

ya that’s often what we do as well.

its funny because our mentor was upset with us for not scoring enough of the opponents elements for his liking we scored 7 and he said the score should have been at least 24-14 vs the actual score of 22-8 last competition

He’s right though. Every SP counts. We were first seed at our first competition by 3 SPs (74 to 71).

when your 8-0 and have 84 sp and the team behind you is 7-1 with 58 sp i think its time to calm down. but in future competitions im sure it might come down to an sp or 2 but be careful because if you over courtesy score you could risk loosing the match which would be 1: embarrassing and 2: bad because wp are more valuable than sp so be careful

Also, if no one on the opposing alliance shows up, you get your alliance’s score as your SPs.


Also if both of your opponent teams are DQed, you get your own score as SPs.